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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Sharing our stories, testimonies, and experiences are opportunities to encourage, relate, learn, and grow with our fellow Christ-followers! In our world today, we are drowned with negative and hateful agendas in the media. It's not often that the "day-to-day" stories are shared about how God is working in people's lives. Usually, it's the "extravagant" stories that are shared, such as healings in Africa, dreams in the Middle East, and miraculous events during Missions Trips. Although these stories are unique, you don't often hear of them unless it's on a Sunday, a friend just came back from a trip, or you go searching online for them. However, through stories such as these, hearing common struggle stories, and experiences on how God has moved in someone's lives that help us grow, encourage, and bond with fellow Christ-followers!

Our Vision for this platform is to create an opportunity for you and others to share/read their stories, ask questions, and share prayer requests! Our Mission is for you to Share your story about what God has taught you, done in your life, or the struggles you fight daily. Read about what God is doing in others' lives and get excited with others or learn about people's hurt and pray for them. Ask questions you may have, and hopefully, answer them the best way we know how! Finally, share your Prayer requests so that this community can pray for you, and you can pray for others! Welcome to Called to Proclaim. The Mission Field is where YOU take it and are called. Share about it!

Stories, Questions,& Prayer Requests!

Thanks for sharing!
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